• About Andrew Traub

    "The work on this website is a sampling of some of the projects I’ve worked on dating back to 1988. During that time I was drafting building plans for an architectural designer located in Santa Monica, California, who specialized in high end residential remodels and additions. Prior to that I studied architectural rendering and detailing, and worked for an interior design firm. I also have a background working on several construction projects, often with a good friend who now has his own construction company. That field experience has tied in well with design and woodworking.

    Currently I have a small woodworking shop in Boise, Idaho. I take on a variety of projects for local clients, provide framework and project assistance to a few artist friends, and sell handmade work on Etsy.com. I also take on residential design projects and provide the necessary building plans.

    Recently I've started working with beetle kill pine ("blue pine"), which is pine turned a variety of gray shades due to a pine bark beetle infestation. Salvaging that wood, and milling it into usable lumber, is the serendipitous end result to an otherwise heartbreaking forest die off that’s taking place in the Rocky Mountain states."

    ~Andy Traub