• About Andrew Traub Studio

    About Andrew Traub Studio

    Welcome to Andrew Traub Studio. Originally from Southern California, I'm a designer, artist, and woodworker living in Boise, Idaho for over two decades. I have a small workshop and specialize in handmade modern mirrors, furniture, and unique woodworking projects using salvaged lumber, beetle kill pine (blue pine), juniper, domestic hardwoods, and engineered wood products. I also like to char wood with a torch, a Japanese technique called shou sugi ban.

    This website showcases a selection of my recent as well as past projects and has a link to Etsy where you can find additional photos, read reviews, check prices, and make custom order requests. At This Century Modern on Etsy you’re dealing directly with me using a secure platform supported by Etsy. I also sell a few ready made pieces on this website found under the “WORK” link, then "Direct Sales".

    Thanks for visiting!
    Andrew Traub
    (Andy Traub, Traub Design)