• Thank you for visiting Andrew Traub Studio. This website showcases some of my current as well as past projects and has a link to my etsy store where you'll find more photos and work for sale.

    Originally from southern California I have been living in Boise, Idaho for over two decades. I have a small workshop where I make a variety of artisan projects, take on local commissions and often help artist friends by providing frames and structure for various projects.

    My designs and woodworking are unique in that they’re often modern yet rustic and refined yet industrial. The wood materials I use include salvaged lumber, juniper, beetle kill pine (a.k.a. blue pine), OSB, and engineered beams like LVL or Timberstrand. I also like to char wood with a torch, a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban.

    Please use the “SHOP” link to browse my etsy store where you can see more photos, prices, reviews, and check out my sold items in case you’d like me to resurrect something. Through etsy you're dealing with me directly using the secure etsy platform at prices far lower than a gallery or retailer. I also offer some direct sales on this website for a few ready made pieces.

    Andrew Traub