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Modern OSB mirror with two tone frame in lime green and matte black. Colored and stained OSB panel frame.
OSB Mirror
22" x 38"
Modern gray wood mirror made from OSB panel with a transucent finish by Andrew Traub Studio.
OSB Panel w/ Translucent Color
22' x 34"
Handmade modern mirror with a multi-colored softwood frame; custom mirrors by Andrew Traub
Salvaged Wood Frame
24 Inches Square
Salvaged wood mirror frame with block core surrounded by wood strip sides.
Salvaged Wood
Modern wood mirror with a end grain wood core made for scarp and salvaged wood. Custom mirrors.
Scrap and Salvaged Wood
22 x 30 x 2
Modern end grain wood mirror made from scrap and salvaged wood with multicolored calico frame by Andrew Traub. Custom mirrors.
Salvaged and Scrap Wood
18 x 42 x 2
Modern gray wood mirror handmade with beetle kill blue pine; custom mirrors; end grain frame. Andrew Traub Studio
Blue Pine Frame
16 x 26 x 2
Modern beetle kill "blue" pine mirror, 19" x 40" wall hanging, custom mirrors.
Beetle Kill Pine
19" x 40"
Beetle kill pine modern wood mirror, gray wood mirror, 24 inches square handmade by Andrew Traub. Modern blue pine furniture.
Blue Pine
24 Inches Square
Modern rustic black mirror with charred wood frame. Custom made shou sugi ban mirrors.
Shou Sugi Ban
24" x 24"
Modern bamboo mirror made from thick bamboo plywood with resin bands added
Bamboo Plywood
18 X 30
hanmade modern bamboo plywood mirror, custom wood mirrors, Andrew Traub, Andy Traub
Bamboo Plywood
18 X 24 X 2
Modern wood mirror, handmade frame using sustainable materials, custom sizes by Andrew Traub, Andy Traub
Mirror in Wood Frame
14" X 14" X 3"
Modern wood mirror frame made with salvaged wood, handmade by Andrew Traub, Andy Traub
Mirror in Wood Frame
14" X 14" X 3"
Modern wood mirror frame handmade with scrap and salvaged woods. Modern haning mirror by Andrew Traub
Mirror in Wood Frame
20 X 34 X 3
Handmade modern mirror frame, deep box wood strip frame made with salvaged and scrap wood. Handmade by Andrew Traub (Andy Traub)
Wood Strip Mirror Frame
36 x 36 x 3
Engineered wood mirror frame made with LVL, designed and handmade by Andrew Traub
LVL/Microlam Frame
22 X 22
Modern wood mirror, microlam lvl, handmade by Andrew Traub, Andy Traub
Microlam Wood Frame
17 X 26 X 4
Platform Mirror Frame with Walnut, handmade, modern
Tinted Paper Skin on Frame
23 X 23
Paper-skin mirror frame, modern, custom, handmade
Tinted Paper Skin on Wood Frame
30" Square